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The Great Journaling Project: February Update

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I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to hear how my New Year’s…project/resolution/thingy is going. Well, I’m six weeks in and….drumroll please….it’s going!

I have actually been pretty good about writing something most days. I accidentally missed a day in January and I was so angry at myself. And then I missed another day when I accidently fell asleep at 6 pm and didn’t wake up until 2:30 in the morning. I was less mad at myself for that. And then I totally forgot to write on this past Tuesday, and I didn’t even notice until I went to write on Wednesday. So, clearly, I’m devolving into caring less and less if I forget to write. But I have been trying.

Some days I just don’t feel like saying something. Or nothing happened worth writing about. Sometimes it feels like I have all this stuff bopping around in my head all day, and then when I sit down to write…nothing comes out. Other times I feel like there aren’t enough pieces of paper in the world for me to get down my thoughts. Sometimes all I can think about is a song I have stuck in my head, so I just write that down because it’s blocking my head from thinking about other things. Sometimes I use the writing prompts, but mostly I don’t because they aren’t as inspirational as I want them to be.

But the real question is, is this actually helping me in any way, like I was hoping it would? I think it’s too early to tell, really, but I think it is, to some extent. With the exception of the aforementioned weekend where my sleep schedule was totally bonkers, I’ve been sleeping fine. I don’t know if I feel any more creative than I did before I started this, but it’s certainly not hurting.

I promised that I would post updates here so it would force me to actually do it. So I would know that there would be people judging me if I didn’t keep my promise. So here’s my post. I don’t know if I’m going to update you every month, but we’ll see how I feel in the future.

Six weeks down, forty-six to go…


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

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