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I Saw My Favorite Survivor Podcast Live and Now I’m Forcing You to Read About It


I know that the people that normally read this blog are not the target audience for this (I think I start every Survivor blog I write like that), but I had the best time ever last night and the world needs to know.

You guys, do you realize that the last time I wrote a post about Survivor was a whole year ago? Are you proud of me? Good, because I’m about to ruin it. Sort of.

I’m not going to talk about why you should watch the show or nerd out about Sociology like the last times. I’m going to talk about my favorite podcast…which I got to see live last night.

You guys know about my love for podcasts in general, but more specifically Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP) and the host Rob Cesternino (not in a weird way). And last night I got to meet him! During the Survivor season, Rob and Stephen Fishbach host a live video podcast after the episodes every week, recapping the events. It’s called “Survivor Know-It-Alls” and it’s basically the best hour of my week. Sometimes I even like it better than the actual show.

Last night, Rob flew out to NYC and him and Stephen hosted a live show in front of an audience of 300 people at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. There were a ton of other Survivor players there, plus the other RHAP hosts.

My friends Diana, Alex, Gary, Charlotte, and I bought tickets back in November. We’ve been freaking out about it for months. We couldn’t get tickets to the last New York show, but we made sure to get them for this one.

At one point last night, I announced something along the lines of “I am more excited to meet these people than I would have been to meet NSYNC in 1998.” Truer words have never come out of my mouth.

Which to non-fans I suppose would sound silly…why are you excited about getting to meet people who were on a reality show? Or people who weren’t even on the show, but are involved in podcasts about it? Because Survivor is more than a reality show. It’s the base of what has become, over 15 years and 30 seasons, a community of some of the most interesting, intelligent, and fun people I have ever had the pleasure of talking and listening to.

Sucking kneecaps? You betcha.

But enough of that. No one cares about what I’m saying. You want to see what it was really like. Don’t worry. I’ll shut up now before I get carried away and let you look at pictures of the night. Sorry, there’s a lot of them.

Waiting in line:

The night started with everyone getting seated before the episode began. Rob greeted Stephen, we all said happy birthday to everyone’s favorite RHAP contributor, Josh Wiggler:


During commercial breaks during the episode, Rob brought up various players from the audience. Andrea passed the Miss Survivor title (and the sash and crown) to Natalie:

Nicole (Rob’s wife) came up to say hi:

Spencer got the Mr. Survivor belt:


Parvati said hello:

And then the episode was over, and the taping of Survivor Know-It-Alls began:

We got appearances from a ton of players in the audience, including Shirin’s “cousin” and Parvati:


Spencer and Eliza joined the fun:

Bryce, Sophie, and Andrea came up:

And then the whole gang was up there. Shirin, Naydia, Natalie, Bryce, Spencer, Rob, Stephen, Eliza, Fincher, Sophie, Parvati, and Andrea:

IMG_0535After the show, we all went to a bar around the corner, where my friends and I got to meet a whole bunch of Survivors/podcasters.

I think my favorite part was the 15 minute long conversation we had with Josh, Antonio, and Mike about Lost/Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Top Chef and Survivor Historians. “It’s like you’re getting your own private podcast!”-Antonio. They were all super nice and friendly.

Us with Mike:

Us with Mike and Antonio:

We met the Twinnies and some CrossFit talk ensued:

We talked to Spencer for a while, and he was just as awesome as you expect he would be. We were taking a picture with him, when Stephen randomly jumped in. And then Rob jumped in. And what happened has become what I have dubbed “The Greatest Picture to Have Ever Pictured in the History of Pictures.”

We chatted with Bryce and Shirin for a bit:

And, finally, before we left, we had to get a picture with the man himself, Mr. Rob Cesternino:

All in all, it was an amazing night. It was so much fun, and all the Survivors and podcasters were great. So thanks to Rob and Stephen for doing this, and thanks to everyone for coming out and being so cool. And I’ll say it again for the 800th time on this blog: if you don’t watch Survivor, then what the hell are you doing with your life?


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

3 thoughts on “I Saw My Favorite Survivor Podcast Live and Now I’m Forcing You to Read About It

  1. Awesome! I’m so jealous of everyone who was able to go. I’m really hoping to make the next one. Great photos!

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