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Chicken Meatballs

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I must admit, I too was skeptical with the whole chicken meatball idea.  I don’t eat red meat, so my usual go as a substitute is ground turkey.  Turkey meatballs are delicious.  Anything with ground turkey is so much better.  But, ground chicken?  This was uncharted territory.  However, ground Chicken Meatballschicken was on sale at the grocery store, so I decided now was as good of a time as any to try it.

I basically followed this recipe.  Instead of ground turkey, I used ground chicken and rather than use clove garlic, I used powder.  Everything else I followed.  (I was making sauce already so I threw a few into the sauce to cook)

These were delicious!  I was so surprised with how great they came out.  They are especially great because they are 21 day fix approved!

SauceP.S.  I did not forget to update you guys about how the fix is going.  However, seeing as it is only day 3, I do not have much to go off of.  I will definitely have more of an idea for next post and will let you readers know how it is and if I see any kind of results!



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I am a 2011 graduate of Drew University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History with a minor in Art. I have taken wide-range of art courses, which include 2D design, 3D design, Drawing, Ceramic Sculpture, Photography (both black and white and digital), Computer Graphics, and printmaking (intaglio). I have had prior black and white photography experience from three years of classes in high school as well. I hope that this blog will be a way for me to showcase my work to various people and future clients.

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