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Cambodia Travel Guide: Grand Tour of Asia : Condé Nast Traveler

Hi everyone.  So I’m looking for some advice… I’ve been thinking about planning a trip to South East Asia for a few years now.  It looks like it might finally work out this summer since I’ll be out of school and still have a little bit of money saved.  It’s basically the last time I know that I’ll have the time to take such a long trip.

I’m really excited but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get anyone else to come with me.  I’m not so concerned about the safety (within reason) because it’s a well traveled area and I trust myself to be responsible.  My biggest hesitation is not having someone to share the experience with.  There are definitely pros and cons to doing it either way like being able to see whatever you want whenever you want, but all of the traveling I’ve done so far has been with a companion and I love being able to reminisce years later, and be reminded of details that I’ve forgotten.

What do you think?  Have any of you ever traveled alone?  I think I want to go badly enough that I will do it by myself but we’ll see!

photo from conde naste traveler


3 thoughts on “Solo Travel

  1. Yes, indeed–I have done a lot of solo traveling. There are, as with any experience, many pros and cons, but the pros of solo traveling are unique, and I’m not sure too many people get the opportunity to experience them. You can truly make a trip your own when you travel by yourself. Having a crappy day and you don’t feel like a heavy sight-seeing project? Great–you don’t have to negotiate that with anyone. You’re into one kind of site, and you want to see as many of them as you can–go for it. You don’t have to compromise with anyone else. Traveling alone also forces you to “do it yourself,” and that really does raise self-confidence–that can help in many other ways, too.

  2. Traveling with another person is the preferred way to go as long as that other person has the same interests. But it is also liberating to travel alone and do what you want and when you want, to own every experience. You’ll meet and befriend so many more people on the road because you are alone. I’ve travelled alone due to my schedule and I have friends that lack the same conviction and I refuse to hold of my plans for companionship. Traveling alone will also give you a boost of confidence, you can do almost anything, when who get back home and you enter the real world again. All the accomplishments or mistakes, they’re all yours. Safe travels!

  3. @slskenyon and @rechito Thank you both so much! Those are such thoughtful comments and make me so excited for the opportunity, whatever way it works out!

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