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Summer Bucket List

This is that strange time  of  year when it could be snowing one day, and warm enough to wear shorts the next. I mean, just yesterday I had to  clean snow off of  my car before work. Today, it’s 60 degrees and sunny. As I sit at my desk at work, attempting to drown out the cacophony of my coworkers’ coughing, I can’t help but think about all of the things I want to do, once the weather really, finally warms up for a few months. Here’s my list of all the things I want to do this summer:

  1. Go hiking. I love hiking, but I don’t do it enough. Last year, my friends and I decided we wanted to have a summer of hiking, but we only went once when we were in Vermont. But we live in New Jersey, and there is hiking everywhere! Rachel and I have big plans for this summer.
  2. Go to California. This might be cheating to put on this list because I already know for sure it’s happening. I’ve never been to California, but Amanda and I just booked a trip to San Diego for June! I’m so damn excited.
  3. Play hooky to go to the beach. I did this  one day last summer – just took a random day off work to go to the beach with Amanda and Justin. I grew up near the Jersey shore, and I used  to go a million times  a summer. Now that I work, I’m forced to only go during weekends or on holidays, when it’s  sooo  crowded and miserable. There’s something about being at the  beach when you are supposed to be at work that makes it that much better.
  4. Go to the  Camden aquarium. I love aquariums so much. But I’ve  lived in New Jersey my entire life, and I’ve never been to the aquarium in Camden. It’s shameful, really.
  5. Go to concerts. I usually go to at least one concert every summer, but I didn’t go to any last year. I already  have tickets  for June to see Train and The Fray. But I want to go to more! I love live  music.
  6. Have a scavenger hunt. I love scavenger hunts. My friends and I  have talked about doing one  in New York City, and I want it to happen so badly. There are a ton of different options. Like this. Or this. Or this. I’ve never really gotten to be a tourist in NYC, even though I’ve been there a million times. What better way  to see our city than making it a game?
  7. Go geocaching. This goes hand-in-hand with going on a scavenger hunt. It’s a similar idea. I love the idea of geocaching and how it can bring you on an adventure in your own neighborhood. I think it’s so fun, and I want to try it.
  8. Have a  barbecue. This probably shouldn’t be on my list because every summer always has BBQs. It’s not like I have to  go out of my  way to find one. But I’m hungry right now and I want a hamburger.
  9. Go strawberry picking. I’ve been apple picking a million times, but never strawberry picking. New Jersey  has the best strawberries, and I want to eat them  all!
  10. Reread Harry Potter. So I’ve read each book at least three times. Doesn’t mean I love them any less. And, seriously, is there  anything better than sitting outside in the summer, reading and drinking lemonade? No. There isn’t.

So, there you have it. All of the things I could think of, off the top of my head, that I definitely want to do this summer. What am I missing? What’s on  your list? Are you as ready for this  winter to be over as I am?



New York City Bucket List

Soooo I love New York City. I personally wouldn’t mind living there at some point in my life. I’ve been there a million times throughout my life, but I feel like I don’t know it all that well. I mean, I can navigate it just fine (mostly) but I want to see everything and do everything. There’s so much. Some things that I did when I was younger, I can’t quite remember. So why not do them again? This here (in no particular order) is my New York City Bucket List. Thank you Kaely for this idea.

1. Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center for you rookies)

2. Any cronut shop. Preferably the original. Are there knockoff versions? I’m not sure. I should investigate more.

3. Shake Shack. Not the one at CitiField because, ew the Mets. But I want me some legit fast food please.

4. Food tours of Little Italy. My people. You may as well roll me around there since I’ll gain alllll the weight. YOLO.

5. Dueling Pianos. We’ve all blogged many, many times about the magic of Pat’s and our experience there. We have yet to find a dueling pianos bar in the area, but we’re on a mission.

5. Biergarten. Isn’t there one downtown somewhere, with an awesome view of water and sunsets and the Statue of Liberty? I’ve heard rumors of its existence…y/n?

6. Bakeries. Because everyone claims to have the best something. I’ll be the judge of that. Like I said above, you’re gonna be rolling me around Manhattan.

7. Coffee shops. I don’t need the Starbucks every block. I want the places that put those fancy designs in your latte. Support the little man, yanno?

8. Vintage stores. I love shopping but can’t afford anything at those big department stores. But if I can find a deal at one of these places on something awesome, heck why not.

9. Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I haven’t been to Ellis Island in maybe eight years, and the Statue of Liberty even longer than that. I can’t even remember. But I had family come through Ellis Island and a relative’s name is on the wall there. There were talks a while back that the rest of the island was being restored, but then Hurricane Sandy came and screwed everything up. I wish they would though…I also had a family member who was born in the hospital there. It would be cool to see that part of the building.

10. Hidden subway stations. I think all that hidden stuff in the city is cool and I like exploring that stuff. “Haunted” stuff doesn’t really scare me, and I don’t know if it is, but those mysterious places like these are often overlooked by tourists, so…get me there.

11. Seeing all the parks in the city. All the green spaces beyond Central Park. Because they are pretty. Trees please.

12. Sports! You all know how I feel about the Yankees (game anyone?) but I would like to frequent some Knicks and Rangers games if anyone’s down…

13. The Bronx Zoo. The Bleacher Creatues? Noo, animals! I’ve never been but I hear it’s one of the best zoos. I haven’t been to a zoo since I was in Peru. This is a lot of rhyming. Woo.

14. New York Botanical Garden. Perhaps hit this and the zoo in the same day because they are neighbors. I loveee flowers though. I want to frolic around this pretty place.

15. Brooklyn Bridge. Because it’s another typical tourist spot and I obviously need a good picture to put on Instagram. I mean…I’ve never seen it up close. Or walked it. Yep.

16. 9/11 Memorial and Museum. I haven’t seen the place up close since it was a hole in the ground with dump trucks going in and out of it. I’ve heard the memorial is beautiful and the museum will suck every emotion you have out of you, but I don’t know, some crazy part of me wants to experience it. It’s still fresh in my mind.

17. Coney Island. Everyone goes there so let’s see what all the hype is about. I love amusement parks and the beach.

18. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Because I adore the man too much to put into words.

19. Saturday Night Live. Because you don’t get any more “NYC” than SNL.

20. The New York Public Library. The building is beautiful and the only image I really have of it is from The Day After Tomorrow, and that’s just not right.

21. Fashion Week. I’m obsessed with shopping, and I love fashion even though I’m not so great at it. But I live for Fashion Week. If I could go to just one show (sneak my way in what) I would keel over in awe.

22. The cheese caves at Murray’s Cheese. Because everyone should be as dedicated to cheese as me and these people. And who doesn’t love cheese. Get out if you don’t.


There’s plenty more to add to this list as most of these are mostly basic touristy places. But hey, it’s not my real home so I’ll be a tourist if I want. More suggestions are appreciated! Keep an eye out for me, I’ll be dressed like this:


My Life Long Bucket List

Do You Have a Bucket List? What’s on it?

This has taken me such a long time to think of. I’ve never had a bucket list. I spend so much time worrying about the here and now that I often fail to think of what I want to do, see, or accomplish in the future. So I started thinking of little things and big things, even things that I can accomplish soon. I don’t think this is a complete list by any means, either. I just couldn’t think of everything all at once. I’m probably even missing something super obvious. Oh well. Here it goes.


  1. Have my own classroom aka JOB
  3. Move to the middle of nowhere, buy a big house with a lot of land, and have dozens of animals live with me. My animal sanctuary and haven.babysloth
  4. Meet and hold and love a sloth. Bonus points if this happens in Costa Rica as I work at/volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuary.
  5. Go to the Tony Awards. Either as just a seat filler, someone who paid an arm and a leg to drool over it, or by the grace of the universe as a bona fide guest.
  6. Drive around the country on a food tour. I don’t know how much I would enjoy this while being gluten free, so maybe this will have to be while I’m still young and can get away with a little gluten without getting too sick.
  7. Speaking of, and this is a reach, real fantasy, not even sure about this being on the list, open a gluten free bakery. Rock it out with yummy baked goods and not have to worry about getting swollen and sick. And I’d like to share good food with others. Especially because the gluten free bakery in my area is terrible. Those cupcakes were like rocks.
  8. Meet Kristin Chenoweth. Sorry, this is my lame celebrity portion of the bucket list because she’s always been my idol and we’re about the same height and I just adore her so much and want to be friends.
  9. Own a pair of Louboutins. Yup, I’m vain and materialistic sometimes. I just want a pair. They look fabulous, and if I own a pair, I guess I’ll feel like I’m really in control of my finances, which is always my larger goal… though I guess after dropping that much money on a pair of shoes, I’ll probably have to eat nothing but rice for awhile.
  10. Get married. Yeah I said it. No, I don’t actually plan to be alone for the rest of my life, thanks.
  11. Live in another country, even if only for a few months. Preferably with my (imaginary) spouse. Cats don’t always make good sight-seeing companions.
  12. Visit every state.
  13. Visit every continent.
  14. Go to Carnevale in Venice.
  15. Go to Sicily.
  16. Actually learn to speak Italian. Come on, seriously, I should be able to by now. Oops.
  17. Go on a Safari. I really like animals. I want to see wild animals where they live, and I think it would be an awesome to spend my “Visit every continent” part of the list too.
  18. See the Great Barrier Reef. I love fish! I do! I do! Quite like the safari idea, I would love to see this amazing, living structure and all of the creatures that inhabit it.

    The "fish guys" made this. And I want it.

    The “fish guys” made this. And I want it.

  19. Own a fancy salt water tank. They’re expensive and hard to maintain, but I want one. Fish are friends, not food (except in sushi, oops).
  20. Go to Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and hang out by the Dueling Pianos.
  21. Ride a horse. I’ve never actually done it.
  22. Own a business and have it go somewhere. On my way with this one, actually, after I can fork up the money to get it started. Or maybe my bakery will be this one. Who knows.
  23. Read all of the books on my bookshelf. This one will be impossible because I never have time to read, and I keep buying more books. But that’s ok. Basically, just read a lot.
  24. Learn to play piano. I have short and stiff fingers, but I knew the basics back in high school and I’d like to expand on that at some point.

    Just going to leave this one here...

    Just going to leave this one here…

  25. Go to a World Series Game. Really, I just want to go to a Yankees World Series game and sit in good seats. I want to cheer and scream and freak out over the boys when it matters most. I know it will be a life-changing sports experience.


I think that’s all I can think of for right now. Is that weird? What’s on your bucket list?