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Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival took place this past weekend in Miami. I’ve told my self many times over I’m not sure I can handle a festival on the scale of Ultra, but every year when I sit down and watch the live streams, I find myself wanting to be there. I’m not necessarily a fan of the enormous crowds, the insane weather, and definitely not the drug scene; note: there have been many, many reports of the festival being much better with this this year, so don’t go being judgmental with the whole festival/EDM culture and the drugs that find their way there…there’s lots of people like me who are there for just the music. That being said, I want to be there because I want to hear this music on such this kind of scale, dance around all crazy without others around me thinking I’m insane, and hearing all the new music that the DJs bring out just for this festival. I had a friend who was there and she kept sending me video after video of all the music we love, as well as some new tracks. I tried keeping up with what was being live streamed, though I did miss some (which was fine, because quite a few of them were not my style, or just straight up terrible). So I’ve listed (in no particular order) some of my favorite sets. I’ll be listening to these until next year’s festival…one that I’ve decided I should probably attend.

Armin van Buuren: this set is just another reminder why he is king. He just does it all right. In my opinion, he went a bit harder with his typical trancey stuff, but I liked it. All these years liking this music and I have yet to see AVB. This year, it’s gotta happen. He’s the best.


Alesso: this set is filled with great vocal tracks that definitely kept the crowd wanting to sing along. Even in the rain, it looks incredible.


Hardwell: He definitely bounced back this year from last year. His 2013 set was so unbelievable (check out how many Youtube views that one has) that he was brought back to close the festival in 2014. I didn’t think that set was as great. Maybe this year, because he didn’t have the pressure of closing, he was able to put something more himself together. Oh, and he brought out my FAVORITE and the most beautiful DJ and his best friend Dannic to play their new song. Marry me, Daan?


Makj: I love this kid. He absolutely killed it last year, and I love how with pretty much anything he plays, I find myself literally bouncing and jumping up and down. I’m not a fan of how much hip-hop he plays in his sets, but when he’s not, holy energy. Plus he throws some old school tracks in there. Bounce bounce bounce.


Nicky Romero: I’ve liked him for a long, long time. He just plays such good music. I feel happy listening to him.


Knife Party: I can’t remember if this set was live streamed and I missed it or if it wasn’t aired at all, but I was ordered by my friend to listen. Holy crap. So hard and I love it. Plus one of my favorite songs of the year so far at 38 minutes.


I can’t seem to find Steve Angello’s set, but his was amazing and I was super pissed when the live stream cut him off to go to some rando DJ. Tiesto was decent, considering I don’t typically like him, and Axwell^Ingrosso were alright, though I felt majority of their set was somewhat repetitive of show they played as SHM. And obviously they played almost all of SHM’s hits. Steve Angello didn’t have to do that, guys…

Anyway, here’s my list of what I still need to listen to: Galantis, 3lau, Porter Robinson, Kaskade, W&W, Blasterjaxx, Dash Berlin, Vinai, Fedde Le Grand, Kygo, and all the beach/pool/afterparty sets. I think I’m set with music for the gym for a while!